MewMew Shop BD SEO Report

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9.45/10(Expert Score)

Client: MewMewShop BD

Task: Search Engine Optimization is an online pet shop for your loving pets. Their doors opened for the first time in September 2020 and They have been growing ever since. Their aim is to gain the trust of you and your pets by serving with our products and services. They consider our success by the happiness of your pets and pet lovers, not by the number of parcels They deliver.

Their Vision:
To make your life easier with our quality service and products.

Their Mission:
To provide a complete package of products and services for every pet owner by offering the pet owners the best option of getting access to the best products and making a fast delivery.

Project Details
Duration 10 months
keyword Rank 100+
Sell Increase 110%
Product SEO 250+
Highest Page view 90k+
Traffic Increase 200%
  • More Than 100 Keywords Ranked In Google
  • Website Traffic Increasing day by day
  • Sales Are Increasing
  • Backlink Scores Are Relatively Good

  • No Cons this website is performing really great

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MewMew Shop BD SEO Report
MewMew Shop BD SEO Report

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