Guaranteed Way To Sell On Facebook! 100% Effective!

Isn’t that a nice title? There are many ways to sell on Facebook. Detail Targeting, Sales Funnel, Re-Targeting, Custom Audience, and much more! But the thing is, you have to spend a lot of money on this targeting marketing.

After spending a lot of money in the beginning, then you can make a lot of profit. However, many do not have the basic ingredients to do the work. Website is one of the means to generate sales, but many of the Facebook merchants do not have it and even if they do, they do not want to use it properly or it has not become. But today I will tell you a different way. You will think of it with logic. And these issues are in the light of the above.

Well, in order to get a sale, what is the main step? Reaching people with the ad, isn’t it? Now when you are advertising with a message object, Facebook is deducting money from you for each message, but getting reaches. For this many clients told us for more reach. It is not that the reach will generate a sale. In order to be a salesperson, it is important to have a buyer-seller conversation. For this, good results are always found in the message object.

The way I am going to talk to you about is a Multiple Ad set. Ad set means an advertisement. Multiple ad set means more than one ad in an ad, it can be with different advertising objectives of different budgets. Doing this at the same time you will get more reach, engagements, and massage which will increase your sales.

One more thing, Facebook’s algorithm changes almost all the time so the guaranteed way to sell on Facebook will be effective only when you follow the rules. One thing we’ve followed is that the results are great if the promotion is on with Boosting. So you can also keep the promotion or page like a multiple ad set.

So let’s make a plan for multiple ad set:

Suppose we give the ad for 4 days. Budget: $50.


1st Ad Set: Massage Objective 4 days at $6 per day = $24
2nd Ad Set: Engagement Objective 4 days at $ 2.5 per day = $10
3rd Ad Set: Rich Objective 4 days 2 dollars per day = 8 dollars
4th Ad Set: Page Like Objective 4 days 2 dollars per day = 8 dollars

Note: If you want to reduce the budget further, you can use any one of the Reach/ Engagement. The results obtained in this method are well tested. Hopefully, you will apply that method through the targeted audience from where you will run the ad.

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