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Facebook advertising agency in Bangladesh

At present, the only complaint of most clients is that the page that used to be reach is no longer available. If you do live on Facebook, you would see 1000 people before, but now there are not even 150 people. If you used to run ads with massage objectives before, you would get a lot of messages for every dollar, but now you don’t.
There is a solution to everything, you just have to follow the right guidelines.

Just think, without a sale post on your page (Apa takes this, such a price is 2200 taka, buy1 get one free) How many posts have you given that benefit your customer? In fact, it simply came to our notice then.

You may run ads from many agencies but if you run multiple page ads from the same ad manager, your page will be damaged due to a bad page, didn’t you know?

FSIT-Digital Solution (We are not new, Foresight IT and Shopno Career IT is our company) is going to work in a new way to solve these problems with FB and other social media marketing. We’ve brought you the Ultimate Social Media Marketing Package where you can do a lot of other things, including your full month of advertising work that will put you ahead of the rest. You are invited to our office for a cup of coffee to know the whole process.


⛔️N.B: $10, @20, this package is not for boosting coupons. Please avoid this post if you have such thoughts⛔️

Why choose us?

🛑 Our policy-one page one ad account. That means you will have a dedicated ad account.
🛑 Social media marketing service on a monthly basis.
🛑 Monthly business plan.
🛑 You can run ads in US dollars as much as you want.
🛑 100 TK per dollar excluding service charge (bank rate + VAT).


After all, starting a full month of social media marketing services with business guidelines is just waiting for you. We are a Facebook advertising agency in Bangladesh.

Call us to fix a meeting with Digital Marketing Plan: 01721-258908 602-58052409

🛑 Invitation of a cup of coffee🛑

Foresight IT, Shah Ali Plaza, 10th Floor, Office Space No. 1017, Mirpur 10, Dhaka-1217.
📧 Email: connect.foresightit@gmail.com

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Facebook advertising agency in Bangladesh

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