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Digital Marketing for beginners first of all you need to know about digital marketing, why we need that.

Digital Marketing

Nowadays everybody depends on the internet. Everybody is using the internet. Without the internet we are like nothing. Almost everything depends on the internet. We can say that the era of the internet.

In previous days everybody would do their marketing through offline, on the road side, TV advertising and so many other ways.

As I told you that everybody depends on the internet. According to that, nowadays everybody is doing their marketing through the internet. Now everybody is doing their marketing through social media, google, bing and so many digital ways.

So that is called digital marketing. Digital marketing is like, do your marketing digital way. Digital marketing means do your marketing by using electronic devices though online.

Why we need Digital Marketing

As you can see, everybody is using the internet, even you are also using the internet to read this blog. So almost everyone is on the internet. The Internet took everyone together. 

So now it is the right place to do your marketing. Everyone is using social media, that’s why people are doing marketing of their products, services or companies on social media. Like facebook, instagram, twitter, pinterest, linkedin and so on. 

If you are trying to do your marketing through offline, so won’t be worked I think. Yes, if you want then you can but you should follow the trend and should go that side, where are the most of your audience. 

For this, we need to do digital marketing, internet marketing, whatever you say, through social media, search engine and many other ways. 

Beginners Guide for Digital Marketing 

If you are a businessman or started a new business, then you must need digital marketing, as I told before that we are leaving the era of the internet. Everyone is using social media. You will get everyone on social media, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and so many others social media. Everyone is using search engines like google, bing, yahoo, amazon, duck duck go for any inquiry. 

If we need any information, service then we just go to the internet and search it through search engines, social media. 

Most interesting part is, social media and search engines allow us to do digital marketing by using these. If you’re a beginner in business, like starting any type of new business. Then facebook is a great opportunity for you. You can create a page or group according to your business then start marketing. You can advertise on any social media. Among all social media, facebook is the best social media for doing business. You can advertise your products or services to your right audience by facebook to anywhere in any country. 

Like you are living in Bangladesh but you have a page about gaming or other services you want to advertise your products or services in other countries like, USA, UK. 

So you can do it by using social media over the internet. You can choose the right audience according to your need. Because you will get every type of person on the internet. 

So for a beginner digital marketing is the best fit.

Suppose you have a website, then you can advertise your products or services on search engines like google, bing, yahoo and so on. You can do Pay Per Click(PPC) for that.

As a beginner your website needs to do well SEO. Then you can come to the top of the Search Engine Result Page(SERP). 

Suppose someone searches on the internet through a search engine about your product or about the service that you are providing. 

Then, if your website is done well seo then your website name will come into the SERP page. After that you will get your desired customers. 

For that you need to do well seo at your website.

You will see that everyone does SEO but everyone’s page does not come to the search engine page. Because they did not do well with SEO at their website.

Now you can think that what is SEO? Well I am about to tell you what SEO is.

Full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization(SEO). That means optimize your page for search engines. 

Suppose you have a clothes business. So when someone will search at a search engine for buying purpose or want to see clothes. Then your website will come to the search engine page.

For that you have to do well SEO, not only SEO.

When we search on search engines like google for something, we see some websites on the first page. But you can see that there are many, many websites that are providing the same services. But only some pages come to the first page. 

So what are the reasons why only some websites will come on the first page among lots of websites. Because they did well seo.

Like they did: 

  • well keyword research for their websites, 
  • Good on page optimization, 
  • Better content write,
  • Website Back-linking, 

Digital Marketing Strategies in 2020

Also so many other things are related to this. 

I think now you understand why digital marketing is needed for beginners.

So as a beginner in business you need to do Digital marketing. Or if you have any websites you need to do well seo. 

For that you can contact us. 

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