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Foresight IT is Best animation video company & We are located in Dhaka is the most promising and fast growing creative organization has diversified interest and skill.

Without doubt, in animation each frame is important, every movement defines the character.

Create Animation & Boost Your Business

With a skilled team of visual artists creating 2D and 3D animation, Frame animation, 3D modeling, storyboards, along with in-house sound mixing and voice overs to create crisp, vibrant and target oriented animated content. & we are Best animation Video company in SEA.

Best animation video company in the Country.

Every solution you’ll ever need to create an amazing explainer video for your company. Animated explainer videos for business that help get your word out. & we are here for best service, we are the best animation video company in bangladesh,

Great Animation Step


Best animation video company in the Country.


Welcome to Animation! In this topic, we’ll explore how animators bring characters.

Voice over Service

We have the best voice over actors in the world. Guaranteed!


Formatting the script correctly. I often read scripts that are poorly formatted.

Key posing

After shooting a reference, it’s time to create the key poses of the shot.


It’s also a good idea to offset some of the actions so it doesn’t look so ‘stop and start’, as if the character is doing all the motion at once.

"Animation Is Imagination"

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Shooting Reference video

This is a very important and overlooked step. It’s weird how people really think they know what certain actions look like and how long they take, but in reality they are often wrong.


e we’re happy with our key poses, we start breaking down the movement from each pose to the next by adding ‘in betweens’ (also known as breakdown poses or passing poses)


Splining is a 3D animation term. It’s the process in which you convert the interpolation of the keys from stepped to spline.

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